Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flower Girl Basket DIY

I am going to make these adorable flower girls baskets! I have been looking around the stores lately and have not found anything I really like. The basic white basket is pretty boring. I think this is unique and another fun project for me to work on. Plus the girls can keep them a put little treasures in them after the wedding. I’ll post my completed product later…

{once wed}


1. Fold the top flaps inside the box, and glue them down using your hot glue gun. Use a small piece of clear tape to tape the handle in an upright position. (see figure 1)
2. Lay one side of your box down on the paper, and trace around the box. Cut out along the lines. Trace and cut out three more sides. (see figure 2)
3. Use your paper glue to adhere the paper to each of the sides of the box. (see figure 3)
4. Use your glue gun to attach a band a ribbon along the top edge of the box. (see figure 4)
5. Double your ribbon, leave the tails hanging in front, and wrap the ribbon neatly around the metal handle. When you reach the end, tack down the ribbon with your hot glue gun and trim any excess ribbon. (see figure 4)
6. Arrange your paper flowers and buttons on the front of the box and attach with your glue gun. (see figure 5)
7. Fill your box with petals and blooms to toss.

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