Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vegetarian Vows

although i would really like to… i am not having an all vegetarian wedding. i am offering guests an entrée choice that does include beef and poultry. it bothers me a little… but chris has a say in all this too, so that is what will be going down on the big day. the appetizer and salad will be animal free and a great veg entrée will be on the menu as well.

if you do decide to have a vegetarian or vegan wedding, there are some awesome resources that will help you plan.

  • helpful article from veg news on the modern vegan wedding. Read the menus… you will not even miss the meat!
  • ideas for your meat free menu from the UK
  • tips from the veg cooking blog

and don’t worry about what your guests will think. they can go meat free for one night. after all, it’s about the couple and their beliefs. i doubt ellen and portia's guests even noticed that their nuptials featured an all vegan meal complete with a vegan red velvet cake. yum.

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