Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finding Treasures on Etsy

a few months ago i discovered etsy. the best place that i have found online for people to buy and sell art, jewelry, clothing, paper... really anything handmade. i have been obsessed with logging on and finding treasures. i have purchased a few things already... bridesmaid gifts and a great painting/collage that is i just received in the mail on friday. if you have not checked out yet, you are missing out. a great resource for unique wedding things and anything else you can think of.
great handmade sachets filled with lavender (from here)

i am about to order this little painting by jennifer roszell. i am currently in love with all bird art.

this will soon be hanging in my home (by laura prentice)

rae dunn has some beautiful little pottery piece, like this one. perfect for a best friend's birthday.

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