Monday, June 15, 2009

Creative Reception Centerpieces

a few unique and colorful centerpieces for your viewing pleasure.

its really hard not to spend a lot of money on reception centerpieces... but a little creativity can go a long way. i think finding old pots, vases, canisters and interesting dishes at thrift stores and rummage sales is a great way to save some money. plus, renting glass vases for 10 bucks each really sucks.
love this lantern and succulent idea. using river rocks as part of a table creation is cheap and lovely. this idea is from here.
a friend of mine sent this idea... not sure where it is from, but i love it. great for a mountain in winter when there are really no cheap flowers available.

little pots of fire. i adore these and think they would be great for any occasion. from the knot.

reclaimed cans make stunning vases for this gorgeous rainbow array of blooms.

bright and sunny ideas from wow weddings.

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