Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blue Ocean, White Sand, Heavenly Hotel

Chris and I will be spending the first half of our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico… combining stunning beaches, tropical jungles, enchanting ocean, and untouched natural resources. Tulum is very eco-friendly… relying on solar and wind power, recycling and state of the art eco-technologies. Our hotel includes all of the above… plus an intimate boutique atmosphere, sophisticated lodging, beach bar and restaurant with Asian fusion cuisine, and overall relaxed and funky enjoyment. Can you tell that I am dying to get there!?

After researching all the small hotels in the area, we chose Mezzanine for the style, location, amenities and atmosphere. We can walk out of our beach front room, down the coast and arrive at some of the best ruins in all of Mexico. We can borrow the hotel’s bike, kayaks and snorkeling gear for some exciting adventures… we can walk into town for some authentic fish tacos and cerveca… we can swim with dolphins at the local eco-park… and we can enjoy peace and quiet… and a wild Friday night party.

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