Monday, February 01, 2010

Tux Rental Madness

We chose our tuxes. I have been set on grey suits for a long time now. I like the less formal feel… and am pretty sick of the standard black… and my third color is grey, so it works perfectly. But the more we looked at suits, the more I realized we couldn’t ask everyone to buy a $400 suit for the wedding. So… we switched to rentals. Men’s Warehouse only has one grey option to rent. Luckily it is the right shade of grey and is Calvin Klein, so the suit is nice. I guess the only thing that makes it a tux is the little satin on the pants and jacket. Anyway… $150 for a rental is better for everyone’s budget, so we went with these. For the groomsmen we got a blue tie to match the girls’ dresses and the dads have the blue tie plus a blue vest. Chris is going to have his own tie… which we will pick out soon. I am thinking stripes! The ring bearer will also be in the grey tux with a mini blue vest… adorable!

{men's warehouse}

Next… flower girl dresses and petal baskets.

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