Monday, January 04, 2010

Getting Things Done

The last few days I have been re-focusing on wedding details. I have my checklist out and am knocking things off left and right. Today I ordered 2 pairs of blue shoes that I like... I don't love them... but we'll see. Zappos is the best with free shipping both ways. There are some non-blue options I am eyeing as well. But I am waiting on those for now. There is a bit of a hurry since my dress should be in any day now.

Today I also found the perfect thing for my hair. I am planning on wearing it back but low and with some bangs/hair out in front. Sort of like these lovely ladies...

And here are the great tulle and fabric hair pins that I will have secured in the back. I ordered them from Handle & Sprout. I am working on getting my regular stylist (who is the best) to come up for the big day and do my hair and makeup.

Chris and I also went wedding band shopping yesterday and we made some decisions. He found a great, and unique titanium band that he likes and I found an option for my band. My ring is very unique and I might end up having to do the custom thing again. Have not decided yet.

What else?? I am in the process of completing the DJ song list, ordering the chairs and creating the day of timeline. Yea... I am rockin in right now.

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