Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lighting Options for Receptions

Lighting is always important for setting the mood during any event or occasion. Weddings are no different. No one wants to eat dinner under fluorescents or boggy down with the light at full blast.
Flower Lights {feel more human}
Love the size and scale of these.

Hang these or set them on tables with candles inside. Either way they are sure to create a focal point.

Cherry Blossom Lights {graham and green}
These are unique and can be incorporated into floral arrangements in corners and on tables.

Light Balls {smith and hawking
Stunning and classic these lighted sphere are sure to make a statement.

Eyelet Paper Lanterns {luna bazaar}
A little more special that the plain white, these lanterns can be lit or unlit, indoor or out.

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