Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Featured Colorado Vendor: Boulder Bridal

I found my dress.
I love my dress.
I want to wear my dress right now.

Yes, I am pretty excited about it. It took many visits to make the decision and before that many many dresses tried on and many dresses hated. There are so many bad dresses out there! It was amazing how long it took to find something without tons of beading and flowers and junk all over it.

I found the one at Boulder Bridal. This great little shop at 30th and Walnut owned by my favorite lady, Nadine. She was helpful, caring, and instantly warm towards me. She will also be the one who tailors my dress to fit like a glove. I am counting down the days until my first fitting!

I highly recommend checking out this shop if you are dress hunting in the Boulder/Denver area. She has some gorgeous styles and designers that you can’t find anywhere else in CO.

Right now my dress is being made in Barcelona… and it will get to Boulder on January 1st!

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