Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soda or Pop?

i call it soda. maybe that is a milwaukee thing? i don't know. whatever you call it, this bubbly sweet drink has found its place at weddings. there are some great local and specialty soda pops that compliment decor and even add a splash of color. kids will be attracted to them like a magnet. watch out for the sugar high.

diy old fashion soda bar from project wedding. these colors are amazing. makes you want to try all the crazy flavors!

jones soda co. offers custom orders of personalized soda bottles. great idea for a wedding! there are so many colors and flavors to choose from to fit any wedding style.

izze has great natural sodas in some brightly colored bottles and cans. great in a large metal tub at a cocktail hour.

cute soda image from here.

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