Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sugar is my Middle Name

when i was a kid, all i ever wanted to eat was candy. i snuck treats from my sisters' secret drawers and stuffed candy wrappers in couch cushions. i had sugar running through my veins and my favorite place was the door county confectionery.
some of my favorites include: flying saucers, sour patch kids (anything sour really), smarties, sweet tarts, skittles, salt water taffy, candy cigarettes, lemonheads, pixie sticks... well, i could go on forever.

getting to the point... candy needs a presence at our wedding. so, i think i have decided on a candy and cupcake table. i was thinking about sticking with the wedding colors, but that really limits the options. so, we'll see. any thoughts? would a rainbow of colors ruin the whole theme??

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