Wednesday, June 03, 2009


i am a blogger virgin. but since i am semi-obsessed with reading wedding blogs, i thought it was appropriate to create one of my own. i work in marketing and dream of owning my own business. i got engaged a few months ago and am getting married in about a year... June 19, 2010 to be exact.

i fell in love with colorado the moment i arrived here four years ago. a month later, i met chris. as cliche as it sounds... the rest is history. he proposed on a sunny winter day in the stunning rocky mountains. we were snowshoeing and he got down on one knee in the crisp white flakes, under the blue sky and towering evergreens. soon after i discovered style me pretty, and became obsessed.

i plan to post ideas and inspiration for the wedding and for life in general. of course, i am blocked from this site at work, so it makes it a little harder to post often. but that is the plan. cheers.

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