Monday, June 08, 2009

I Heart Succulents

i have been in love with succulents for a while now. they are just so cute and delightful. also, they do really well in colorado and are often used in landscaping. personally, i love a variety of them in pots, like the one above from flickr. they come in so many wonderful shades of green, red and purple.

a great way to add interesting life to a patio or front porch. (from here)

these are just precious in a great oblong dish. perfect on a small dining table or in the kitchen.

if i could afford to give these as favors at my wedding, i would. maybe for a party or my friend's bridal shower. (photo from martha)
these are kelly's centerpieces. she got married in palm spring, ca and had one of the most gorgeous and unique weddings i have ever seen. she used a lot of fantastic succulents. check out her blog here.

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